Ownership Inspections

Approximately 1.5 million head of livestock are inspected for ownership annually within the Livestock Ownership Inspection Area (West of Missouri River in South Dakota ). The Brand Board inspects cattle, horses, or mules for ownership within the livestock ownership inspection area and at designated Open Markets outside the ownership inspection area.

  • Documents Required
  • Inspection Required
  • Ownership Inspection Duplicate Form
Documents Required to Remove Livestock from the Inspection Area
  1. Local Ownership Inspection Certificate
  2. Livestock Market Clearance
  3. Shippers Permit
  4. Lifetime Horse Transportation Permit
  • At Livestock Auction Markets
  • At Private treaty sales
  • Prior to slaughter
  • Ranch production/dispersal sales
  • Prior to removal from the Livestock Ownership Inspection Area
  • Placement into a Registered Feedlot
The SD Brand Board has made an Application for Duplicate Ownership Inspection Form available to request a duplicate of a lost inspection form. As in the past, a charge of $5.00 is made for each duplicate form. The form can be downloaded and mailed with payment to the Brand Board office.

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